"Treasure Hunt: A pursuit in which teams attempt to uncover something of hidden value."

Who We Are

The Florida Endowment Foundation for Florida’s Graduates exists to assist parents and educators in creating socially-adept, academically-capable, self-disciplined, and goal-oriented young people who are prepared to capitalize fully on their future opportunities.

Our Leadership

Heather Beaven is chief executive officer of the Florida Endowment Foundation for Florida’s Graduates. As an innovative leader for the Foundation, her commitment to students is demonstrated through public service and volunteerism for the community.

Our Programs

The Florida Endowment Foundation for Florida’s Graduates creates, develops, measures, and maintains programs committed to serving sections of the youth market throughout Florida. Our current active programs include VOICE, SUPERB, Jobs for Florida’s Graduates, and Girls Get I.T.


JFG scouts, recruits and coaches and prepares talented kids to maximize opportunities as they move through the turbulent waters of middle school and as they learn to make real-world decisions in high school.


Girls Get I.T. encourages talented girls to focus on STEM in school, college and as a career. GGIT Treasure Hunters mentor students in order to circumvent the reasons that young women often give up on high-tech careers.


VOiCE is the place where art and technology collide. VOiCE finds talented, artistic kids who are interested in courses, majors and careers in STEAM yet currently have limited access to art and technology.


SUPERB builds an army of students, teachers and parents who believe children shouldn’t fear school. We provide the tools they need to build a sense of empathy, diffuse bullying, address isolation, and empower bystanders.