It’s Smart.
It’s Smart.
Meet Heather, our fearless leader!
Meet Heather, our fearless leader!


Whether you’re a student aspiring for the stars, someone who wants to join a club, a member of community who wants to help, a teacher who wants these programs in your classroom, or just someone looking for a better world for our kids, please contact us.

Heather Beaven
Chief Executive Officer
The Florida Endowment Foundation for Florida’s Graduates
306 South Oceanshore Blvd.
Flagler Beach, FL 32136

Telephone: 386 439 5730
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How to Join a Club

Clubs are open for enrollment at the begining of each school semester or school year. Check the directory to see if there is a club at a school near you! If not… Clubs may be established at the beginning of each school year through our RFP process. Just contact Heather Beaven at 386 439 5730.

Club List

A. Ferguson Senior High School
Facilitator: Christy Charters

The On It Foundation
Facilitator: Calvetta Phair

Apollo Middle School
Facilitator: Tram Tran

New River Middle School
Facilitator: Audrey Parish

Stone Middle School
Facilitator: Gordon Shupe

David C Hinson Senior Middle School
Facilitators: Diane Halsema & Nita Manis

Facilitator: Jack Howell and Lisa Koiosi

The Delta Academy
Facilitator: Pamela-Jackson-Smith

Daughters of Grace
Facilitator: Dan Via

Matanzas High School
Facilitator: Melissa Fox

Belle Terre Elementary School
Facilitator: Stephanie Waldner

Middleton High School
Facilitator: Elaine Gibbs

Clearwater Fundamental Middle School
Facilitators: Bridget Bohnet, Janet Slee, Angela Ciresia

John Hopkins Middle School
Facilitator: Veronica James

Bay Vista Fundamental Elementary School
Facilitator: Veronica James

Panhandle Area Educational Consortium
Facilitator: Angela Turner


  • Jamia griggs says:
    September 22, 2015 at 8:46 pm

    Hello my name Jamia Griggs,
    I’m a 8th grade student at J.H. Workman Middle School. My IT(Information Technology) teacher Raymond Hunt wants me to try something that he believes in me to be a successful young lady to try computer science. I am qualified enough to try computer science, but there’s one thing that I am concern about. In the join clubs list I’m not sure which one is good enough for me and I was wondering if you have any thing or a club that best fits me. If I do make it to a club I want to let you know that when it comes to my education I will do anything to get my work done and learn something new. I hope in the future I will learn everything about computer science so I can start sharing my thoughts/to build me a website about that girls recoding in the 21st Century that it will be an honor for myself to do computer science in the future. If you are concern about me please contact me:
    Thank You,
    Jamia Griggs

  • Robyn Wiliams says:
    December 9, 2015 at 6:49 pm

    I am interested in Bringing this club to my school. I am a 5th grade teacher. Please send me more information.

  • Julie Comardo says:
    August 25, 2016 at 7:50 pm

    I am the new facilitator at David C. Hinson Middle, I need information on how to begin with my students and how to obtain the materials.

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