Identify it. Solve it. Bring it.

You have smart girls, and now it’s time for them to shine. Girls Get I.T. invites you to join us as we give parents and their daughters the tools they need to conquer this brave new world.

Get involved during four regional STEM competitions leading to a statewide finale. Teams of smart girls from Florida will compete in events, identifying problems and solving them with science, technology, engineering and math. Refresh and discover with panels and break-out workshops at the #SmartGirlsWork career and college fair and learn how to support your smart girl as she makes decisions about college, majors and careers. Parents and winning teams from each region will advance to a statewide event to crown the winning #SmartGirlsRock team. Competitions are open to all middle and high school girls in Florida and their parents.


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GirlsGet I.T. #SmartGirlsRock Girl’s Registration
GirlsGet I.T. #SmartGirlsRock Questionnaire
GirlsGetI.T.#SmartGirlsRock Team Registration Form
GirlsGetI.T.#SmartGirlsRock Parent Registration Form


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Oprah was once asked why it was imperative that adolescent girls be given the opportunity to be educated. Her answer was, “When you educate a girl, you change the trajectory of her life. And not just her life – You start to affect her family, her community, & her nation. When you educate a girl, that girl becomes a woman who understands the value of an education and educates her children.”

by Aurélia Bickler, MS, LMFT

by Aurélia Bickler, MS, LMFT

Education to a girl is not only crucial to her professional future but her emotional future as well. An educated woman is less likely to be poor, less likely to contract Sexually Transmitted Diseases and less likely to be a victim of sexual exploitation.

According to Ambassador Melanne Verveer, educating women is crucial for gender-equality as well as to address the demands of the 21st Century. Research shows that one additional year of primary school for girls can increase future wages up to 20% in their future while an extra year of secondary school can do so by 25%.

Marissa Mayer, a Stanford University graduate and the VP of Location and Local Services at Google, stated, “My education made me curious and confident, and those traits have enabled me to help others. Education really piques my curiosity – I’ve always been very curious by nature – but in school, I learned how that curiosity could be rewarded.” She continues by saying, “it is that confidence that has allowed me to work not as a woman but as a ‘geek’ at Google. In male-dominated industries like technology, women need role models to progress. Women role models and mentors helped me build my confidence, and I now hope to do my small part by doing the same for other young woman.” Women like Mayer are the living proof that women who are educated live happier and more fulfilled lives. They find their voice in a male-dominant world and in male-dominant fields such as technology.

Educated women find happiness professionally, personally and emotionally. Gaining education allows women to expand their innate abilities into the communities they belong to. Therefore, their education becomes a gift to all human beings.



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The Girls Get IT! promotional materials debuted with a bang, scooping up three American Advertising Awards this month. Hosted by the American Advertising Federation, the American Advertising Awards are the world’s largest advertising competition, recognizing outstanding work in the communications and marketing fields. Entries are judged by advertising professionals, and awards are given to those who surpass the high standards of the industry.

The Girls Get IT! materials, designed by Rosemary Oldendorf, creative director of Ron Sachs Communications, a statewide communications firm, received three awards. Girls Get IT! materials received two gold awards. In the category of Collateral Material, the Girls Get IT! identity package and the new Girls Get IT! poster received Gold Awards. The Girls Get IT! logo received a Silver Award.

This contest was the first step on the way to the national/international awards. As Gold Award winners, the Girls Get IT! materials will go up against other Gold recipients in the southeast. The winners of the district will go on to compete at the national/international ADDY Awards competition in June.