Girls Get I.T.

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Girls Get I.T. scouts, recruits and encourages talented girls to focus on science, technology and math in school, college and as a career. GGIT Treasure Hunters “girlify” math and science then lead, guide and mentor students in order to circumvent the reasons that young women often give up on high-tech careers.

The results have been remarkable and immediate:

– 89% of GGIT girls reported that their parents and friends support their interest in science more than they did before

– 1/3 reported an increase in their belief that they could make it into a good college

– 50% increase in positive attitudes toward getting a job in science or technology

Had these same recruits not had access to Girls Get I.T., statistics show that:

– 80% will not go into a math or science career

– Only 10% will major in a technology field in college

Without programs like Girls Get I.T., half the American workforce can’t compete on a global scale and we all pay a high price for that.





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