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JFG scouts, recruits and coaches and prepares talented kids to maximize opportunities as they move through the turbulent waters of middle school and as they learn to make real-world decisions in high school.

Jobs for Florida’s Graduates (JFG) is a school-to-career program designed to help young people graduate, thereby building the confidence to move onto gainful employment or postsecondary education. This program is an affiliate of Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG).

Our JFG Treasure Hunters can be thought of as personal guidance counselors. In the classroom on the web, they shepherd, lead, guide and mentor middle and high school students around the barriers and pitfalls that can derail a kid’s future in the blink of an eye by helping them stay focused on college planning, career exploration, course planning, leadership development and academic success.

JFG students consistently achieve amazing results whether they are in public middle and high school, juvenile justice facilities, pregnant and parenting residential homes, homeless shelters, alternative schools, GED programs or community centers. Their success in no small feat because on average 55% of our students do not live in a two parent home, 16% do not live with either parent, 73% need government assistance to get by, and 50% are academically behind their peers.

However after annual average of 94,448 hours of tutoring, mentoring and teaching and 18,663 hours of community service; 97% graduated from high school, 93% are working, serving in the military or studying in college, 98% successfully transitioned into 9th grade, and they are improving their GPA by an average of 12% (of those who enroll with a 2.0 or less). When all is said and done, JFG alumni report that they feel better about their chances of getting into college and more prepared for a job or military service.


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