Best Practices – Girls Get I.T. Clubs

Blanche Ely

  • Set meeting dates/times with members early in the school year but know it will change throughout the year.
  • Let the students organize the club topics,projects, and activities.
  • Don’t fall behind submitting monthly reports, club documents, etc.
  • Plan fun and interesting projects that are STEM focused.
  • Involve community based organizations.
  • Get club picture of your students in the yearbook.

Boyd H. Anderson High School

  • Using social media and text messaging to remind students of the meetings

  • Having the meetings only once a week, so it does not conflict with participation in other school organizations

  • Having a Board of directors with assigned duties, so the meetings run smoothly, and teach them meeting protocol

  • Have guest speakers that speak on topics aligned with Girls Get I.T. mission

  • Involving other STEM related classes/clubs and doing projects with them

Hallandale High

For our Girls Get I.T. club at Hallandale High school I have found the following items to be very useful in managing the club, gaining the raw materials we need and finally to rally enough students to come to our club.

First when it comes to managing our club we all decided to hold a vote on a date and time when it would be most convenient to meet.  Our girls choose to meet Tuesday afterschool for 1 hour from 2:35-3:35 (and sometimes later) in order to complete their projects and objectives.  The next most important decision was in establishing a club order.  Currently we have a president, vice president, historian, treasurer and chief recruiter that were all voted on by the girls who attended the meeting.  Each candidate was allowed to make a speech and organize themselves into an effective unit that was able to accomplish their “campaign promises”.  Another item that works for my program is that all the girls in leadership positions are students that are in my other classes so I am able to talk to them about any activity we need to organize and the girls are able to communicate better by leaving tasks for others in leadership to complete.  Lastly our president and vice president constantly call to update students on meetings, special events or other opportunities that the Girls Get I.T. club has.

Next in order to gain raw materials for experiments or activities with the girls I have found several sources to be useful.  The first is of course the contribution made by the Girls Get I.T. foundation by dropping off board games, some experiments and cool merchandise we were able to motivate a continued response to the club.  The next source of raw material is from the schools STEM class itself.  By having the girls that are in my classes do some of their projects in the club they were able to get more opinions than from just their class alone and they get more time to complete.  Another source of materials was to use our computers to do free online projects on codecademy or or make free video games with kodu or construct 2.  Lastly we were able to get some sponsors at H and R block to give us some materials after some of our girls participated in a contest and won 5th place.

In order to get students to come to our club at first we offered free food to students as well as a cool place to vent safely to other girls about problems going on in their life.  We also had our chief recruiter do demonstrations in the cafeteria, talk with friends and make posters about what our program was about.  We also offered some extra credit and during community activities community service was available which many students needed.  Finally to attract the girls to the club we began offering for girls that were able to sell a certain amount of candy/food stuffs after school the chance to go on a field trip near the end of the year provided we earn enough funding.

Putnam Academy of Arts & Sciences

  • At the first meeting, be sure to get all the girls’ contact information and that of their parents.
  • Set up a calendar with the meeting dates and hand out at the first meeting
  • Announce meeting during afternoon announcements the day before, and morning of meeting.
  • Always have an agenda for each meeting prepared
  • Create a sign-in sheet for the girls to pass around at the start of each meeting creating a record of all in attendance
  • Have a sign-up sheet for the year for girls to bring snacks for the meeting
  • Use to let the girls responsible for the upcoming snack/drinks know it’s their turn
  • Always use differentiation during lessons such as images, videos, presentations to reach all learners
  • Allow the girls to work in small collaborative groups
  • Have the girls vote on a historian to take awesome pictures
  • Always reflect at the end of each activity in a log book
  • Always have fun!

Leslie showing off her rocket prior to launch.

Learning Center Youth Villa

  • Post upcoming curriculum and events for the month so girls are aware of upcoming activities.
  • Provide incentives for girls who are assisting with generating the newsletter to encourage participation.
  • Reach out to the local community and professionals to create a opportunities for guest speakers to share their professional experiences in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
  • Survey participants to gather additional ideas for activities and field trips related to STEM

Somerset Academy Charter School

  • exercises and tutorials that helped teach the members computer programming.
  • The Bridge Building Competition where the GGIT members came out on top in creating a bridge out of Popsicle sticks that could hold up to 10 pounds.
  • Tutoring middle school students in science-related subjects to prepare them for the Science Bowl.
  • Coming up with fundraising ideas for the club’s End-of-the-Year Field Trip to the Miami Zoo.

South Broward High School

  • Election of officers to be sure leadership was established
  • Regular monthly meetings with input from all members at to the focus for each month
  • Guest speakers from a variety of STEM careers
  • Project based activities that allowed members to try engineering skills (AUVs, lip gloss, perfume)
  • Group activities outside of school- Holiday party, Camping trip, End of year celebration
  • Volunteering for a variety of events- Sea Perch competition, Middle school visitation, Special Olympics, American Heart Association
  • Fundraisers to help off-set costs of group activities

Waverly Academy

  • Remind girls throughout week about what we will be doing in club and encourage them to attend
  • Provide a snack and talk about wacky science facts or “would you rather?” questions to encourage socialization
  • Host activities on campus to let other scholars know about the GGIT club and the fun that we have!
  • Recruit heavily from extended day
  • Let 6th grade scholars know that we would love to have them sign up next school year!
  • Provide a variety of activities (games, computer projects, robots, team building, etc)
  • Build relationships with scholars and parents
  • Take an interest survey to see what guest speakers the members of the club would like to hear from


GGIT After-School Club List 2014 – 2015

  • Blanche Ely High School
    • Kathleen Weathers
  • Boyd Anderson High School
    • Novice Johnson
  • Hallandale High School
    • David Rivera
  • Somerset Academy Charter School
    • Jaishri Venkatsubramaniam
  • South Broward High School
    • Debra Hixon
  • Waverly Academy
    • Faith Dollard
  • Sheriffs Ranches Youth Villa
    • Joanne Mitchell
  • Putnam Academy of Arts & Sciences
    • James Payne


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