Tallahassee – FL, 05/05/2015 –  A revolutionary new app has been released that allows users to report a dangerous situation or just get professional advice on how to handle a conflict with a push of a button.

SuperbApp_Logo-Icon180x180_ReversedStudents United with Parents and Educators to Resolve Bullying (SUPERB) unveiled ResolveBullying. The website and app spring from SUPERB’s belief that with the help of unbiased, professional counselors, adolescents can better handle the isolation, exclusion, shaming, labeling and bullying that may otherwise derail their future. In more extreme cases, the app allows for users to record dangerous behavior with their mobile device and even anonymously connect to 911 if needed.

The app was created by Heather Beaven, CEO of the Florida Endowment Foundation for Florida’s Graduates (The Foundation,) an organization that manages a fleet of programs to help Florida students succeed academically and socially. SUPERB helps young people identify, navigate and reject the psychological trauma that is becoming common in middle and high school environments. Beaven hopes the app will help young people and families develop healthy ways to protect themselves against the long-term damage created by bullying. 

“The research is very clear. Bullies, victims and bystanders are significantly damaged by this behavior well into adulthood,” says Beaven. “Long- term damage includes higher rates for substance abuse, depression, anxiety, suicide and unemployment in victims. While bullies are more likely to turn to criminal activity and participate in risky sexual behaviors, even bystanders are at increased risk of depression and a reduced ability to connect deeply with others.”

“SUPERB has been helping students protect themselves emotionally since 2004, but until now, we were only able to help families whose school invited us onto a campus. This app allows us to help anyone who needs us without regard to geography or hour of the day,” said Beaven.

Funds for the SUPERB app were provided by the 2013-2014 Florida education budget, and the app is powered by Salesforce CRM and the Ionic Mobile Framework. Candoris uses cutting-edge technology in order to provide powerful functionality in real time to the cloud. The app is currently available in the United States for download on both Apple and Google devices. To download now, go to “Kids have always been under tremendous pressure and we simply can’t thank people like Speaker Will Weatherford, Representative Fresen, Senator Gaetz, Senator Montford and Senator Ring, as well as the Florida Department of Education and Governor Rick Scott for recognizing the pressure no longer eases at the ringing of the school bell,” said Beaven.

About The Florida Endowment Foundation for Florida’s Graduates

The Florida Endowment Foundation for Florida’s Graduates exists to assist parents and educators in creating socially-adept, academically-capable, self-disciplined, and goal-oriented young people who are prepared to fully capitalize on future opportunities.

The Foundation’s Family of Services

Jobs for Florida’s Graduates (JFG), an affiliate of Jobs for America’s Graduates, is a robust work and life skills development program for middle and high school students. The program allows students to explore careers, work within teams, develop leadership skills, create and manage wealth, serve their communities and build a workable plan for their post-graduation life.

Girls Get IT (GGIT) is an initiative designed to engage girls in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers, with the purpose of empowering to pursue high-skill coursework in college and beyond.

VOiCE (Victory Over Instability by Choosing Education) is a science, technology, engineering, arts and math initiative for students interested in exploring courses, majors and careers found in the industries of technology and art, such as gaming, web design, and sound engineering.

SUPERB (Students United with Parents and Educators to Resolve Bullying) is an innovative safe-schools initiative in which mental health professionals coordinate high-energy workshops in elementary, middle, and high schools. SUPERB gives students the leadership and character skills they need to understand safe intervention techniques and to better empathize peers who are being excluded or isolated.


Over the 35-year period between 1975 and 2010, the rate of immediate college enrollment after high school ranged from a low of 49% in 1979 and 1980, to a high of 70% in 2009. The significant part of this increase occurred most recently from 2001 to 2009. (NCES)Post-secondary preparation is pertinent to the success of the high school graduate. While many students may say that they started off high school a little weak, there are many more that are starting high school strong; with a graduation plan in action as freshmen.

School administrations typically provide information on post-secondary options through educational institutes visits, post-secondary informative materials and planned college visits. A student’s grades and test scores (i.e. SAT or ACT) may narrow the options for a graduating student if it’s not up to par for entry into a college/technical program. Continuous monitoring of grades by educators, administrators, counselors, and parents through ninth to twelfth grade can prevent many students from being discouraged to attend college. In the state of Florida, programs such as and Florida Virtual Campus offer comprehensive programs to guide high school students in career planning. Both programs aid in the areas of career assessment, suggested course selection in high school, and allows the student to communicate with an academic advisor for assistance. In the state of Florida there a few graduation options offered such as the 4-year, 24-credit standard diploma, 3-year, 18-credit college prep diploma, 3-year, 18-credit career prep diploma, AICE diploma, and IB diploma. (Florida Virtual Campus)

Florida has over 14 different scholarship and grant programs to help you pay for college. One of the most recognized programs is the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program. It has been made possible by proceeds from the Florida Lottery. This money can be used at a Florida university, college, or even a career and technical program (Florida Virtual Campus).

Mentally, a high school graduate must transition their mind set from high school to college and/or technical school. Various colleges/technical schools have extracurricular clubs that provide outreach to high school students. In addition to campus tours and orientation, all post-secondary institutes offer an extension of care in mental health counseling, career counseling, and medical care. Traditionally, students embark on a right of passage in life while pursuing their future career goals.




NEW YORK (CNNMoney) —The school’s name may be Mudd, but its diplomas pay off like gold.

A decade into their careers, graduates with a bachelors degree from Harvey Mudd College, earned an average of $143,000 a year, making them the highest paid graduates of any school in the nation, according to an annual survey by PayScale that tracked salary trends for graduates of 1,016 U.S. colleges and universities.

Like many of the other schools topping PayScale’s list, Claremont, Calif.-based Harvey Mudd college has a strong presence in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) studies, all fields that pay well post-graduation, said Katie Bardaro, PayScale’s lead economist.

Filling out the rest of the top 10 were the United States Naval Academy, California Institute of Technology, Stevens Institute of Technology, Babson College, Princeton University, the United States Military Academy (at West Point), Stanford University, Harvard University and Brown University.

Graduates from these schools earned an average mid-career salary of $124,300, up 1.5% from last year. Ivy Leaguers, with their tight alumni networks and prestigious reputations among recruiters, and engineering school grads were the highest earners of this group, PayScale found.

The highest starting salaries were claimed by graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy and West Point at $77,100 and $74,000, respectively. But those figures were typically for jobs taken after grads served five years of required military service post-graduation, said Bardaro. Also boosting pay: Military academies typically feature strong engineering programs, and grads can gain crucial work experience during their service years, she said.

Outside the military, graduates from Harvey Mudd earned a starting average salary of $73,300, while Massachusetts Institute of Technology grads earned $68,600.

The lowest mid-career salaries were earned by graduates at several campuses of for-profit University of Phoenix, as well as Shaw University in Raleigh, N.C., Alabama-based Faulkner University and Bethel University in Tennessee, according to PayScale. Graduates of the bottom 10 schools on PayScale’s list earned an average salary of $45,240 10 years into their careers.

Which majors pay off?

Spurred on by the energy exploration boom, petroleum engineers were the most highly paid, according to PayScale. Ten years into their career, these engineers earned an average of $160,000, 33% higher than the next highest degree — actuarial mathematics, which earned an average of $120,000 a year.

Filling out the top five majors were nuclear, chemical and aerospace engineering degrees. Of the 15 highest paid majors, only one, government, didn’t fall into one of the STEM categories.

Grads with degrees in child and family studies earned the lowest average pay, at $37,000 a year,10 years into their careers, followed by elementary education ($45,300) and social work ($46,600).

Money isn’t everything, of course, and PayScale also asked respondents if their jobs were meaningful, that is, whether “they make the world a better place.”

Nurses ranked their job the most meaningful, while those in special education, medical technology and sports medicine also rated their jobs highly.

Meanwhile, a small percentage of workers in film production, fashion merchandising, fashion design and advertising felt their job was meaningful.

There was little correlation, however, between how meaningful a job is and job satisfaction. “Job satisfaction is more tied to salary,” she said.

Basically, PayScale found: the more money people make, the better they like their job.

The PayScale survey collected responses from 1.4 million workers and reported findings only from those with bachelor’s degrees — not advanced degrees — employed full-time in civilian jobs in the United States. It ranked schools by the median salary earned by graduates at least 10 years into their careers and by starting salaries.
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SUPERB’s mission is to promote acceptance amongst elementary and middle school students. Unfortunately, we can all agree that such a goal is not always an easy one to reach and therefore, we need to work as a team to reach it. At times, bullying occurs when nobody is watching and the last thing you want to be is the one known to take it upon yourself to tell an adult about it.

Well, thanks to SUPERB and the Foundation for Florida’s Graduates, saving someone else or yourself from bullying can be done anonymously and safely! If at any time, you feel that you or anybody else is unsafe, you can call the SUPERB hotline at (954)254-0250 to speak directly to a SUPERB professional. We will address the situation immediately!

As you read this, you may think “this would never happen in my school” and though we would be so happy to hear that, we encourage you to save our hotline number in your phone anyway, just as a safety precaution. WHY? Because it only takes one dangerous incident to change someone’s life… FOREVER.

Help the SUPERB team to positively and responsibly resolve bullying.


The DEFEND System

Distract: If you see someone being verbally bullied, change the subject.
Empathy: If your relationship with the bully permits it, help him/her understand how the victim could potentially feel.
Funny: Use humor to distract a verbal bullying incident.
Express yourself: Tell a friend, a teacher, an administrator, a parent/guardian or even the police (if dangerously threatened) to seek help to resolve a bullying situation. If nothing works, contact SUPERB’s emergency contact phone number (954)254.0250 so that we can take matter into our own hands.
No!!!: Speak up for yourself and make sure the bully knows you are assertive and will not take his/her abuse.
Disappear: If you know a fight will occur, do not show up and if it is already occurring, do everything you can to get out of the situation. Then, express yourself so that other victims can be helped.