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Here’s Nicole Edelstein’s first-place winning entry from 2014. You can do this! Make sure you enter now before it’s too late!

I attended the Girls Get IT Surf and Science Camp three years ago in Flagler Beach in Florida. I attended Lake Brantley High School and my teacher, Seth Reichelson introduced me to the Girls Get IT program. The program introduced me to various careers in the STEM fields.

Although I did not choose to pursue a career in a STEM field, Girls Get IT showed me how to develop my leadership skills and pursue a career in business. Currently, I attend Cornell University and I am interning at Procter and Gamble this summer as a Customer Business Development intern. I plan to pursue a career in marketing upon graduation while also running a nonprofit to help pediatric cancer patients.

Three years ago, I started an organization called Cupcakes for Cancer. Cupcakes for Cancer is a registered student organization at the University of Central Florida (UCF) that raises money for BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation. Over the past three years we have fundraised and donated over $10,000 while also volunteering hundreds of hours at Arnold Palmer Hospital on the pediatric cancer floor. Cupcakes for Cancer is changing its name to “Cupcakes for a Cure.” We plan to start a second Cupcakes for a Cure at Cornell this coming Fall. We are passionate about helping pediatric cancer patients because we feel that it is important to help families that have children battling cancer and are struggling to pay for medical costs. Cupcakes for a Cure does not receive any funding and is run completely by student volunteers and an executive board of hard working individuals.

If we were to win this scholarship, we would use the money to create a new website for the joint Cupcake for a Cure organizations from UCF and Cornell, purchase cupcake supplies, and donate the leftover money to BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation, or its umbrella organization, the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO). Both BASE Camp and the ACCO are two very reputable nonprofit organizations with very minimal overhead costs which allows the bulk of the money donated to go straight to the families that need financial assistance. Cupcakes for a Cure also tries to keep overhead costs at a bare minimum and has managed to run our organization primarily on donations of cupcakes and supplies which are utilized to raise money for BASE Camp. Cupcakes for a Cure would use the money donated to support pediatric cancer patients whose families are in great need of financial assistance. Pediatric cancer is a huge issue facing our society. The best way to combat this issue is by raising awareness and raising money to help the families who are underrepresented within the cancer community. Pediatric cancer is the number one cause of disease-related death of children.

Pediatric cancer is more common than people think. According to the ACCO, 1 in 300 boys and 1 in 333 girls will be diagnosed with pediatric cancer before their 20th birthday. Although the survival rates for pediatric cancer are at 80% over a five year period, families are still in need of financial support, especially because of how underfunded pediatric cancer is by the government. The National Cancer Institute is a governmental organization that provides funding for researchers. There is a disproportionate focus on adult cancers over pediatric cancers. All types of childhood cancers only receive 4% of federal funding for cancer research. The average age of a child diagnosed with cancer is 6 years of age and the average diagnosis of an adult with cancer is 67. Adults are statistically proven to have higher occurrences of cancer, however the average number of years of life lost from a child is 71, while an adult will lose 15 years of life on average.

I believe that adult and pediatric cancers are equally big issues and deserve funding, however I also believe that pediatric cancer should not be as underfunded as it is by our government. Our society needs to understand that pediatric cancer is not an anomaly and it is happening to more and more children everyday. Ignoring the problem is not going to fix it. We need to raise awareness about pediatric cancer to increase funding for the families. In the meantime, we can support the organizations that support the families such as the ACCO, BASE Camp, and Cupcakes for a Cure, to name a few.

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